Crystal Kismet sourcing and how we pick our crystal suppliers

Crystal Kismet sourcing and how we pick our crystal suppliers

The problem of ethics in the crystal and mineral community is fraught with mis-information, it can be extensive and varied depending on where you purchase your crystals from.

Unless you're buying directly from the source, or you own the mine yourself, it can be tough to examine the nature and situations under which the crystals were mined. Each business has their own definition & practice of sourcing crystals for their store.

We like to say consciously sourced because, we try to be consciously informed as much as we can, by researching the crystals and minerals that we purchase, this is the fun part to us, we like to know how it was mined, when it was mined, the location and, what type of impact it is having in that area. We research all suppliers before we make a purchase. 

So are we ethically sourced ? That term is very misleading, we want to be fully transparent, So hopefully the information below explains our sourcing, and you can make an informed decision on making a purchase with us.         

Some of our trusted suppliers we purchase from, have personal contact with numerous resources in and around specific regions of the world such as Minas Gerais Brazil, and the surrounding regions near Ametista do Sul, Brazil, Madagascar and Peru. They work with small suppliers or family owned mine proprietors.

Here is more information on Artisanal and small scale mining 

We also work with many suppliers, and small family owned mines here in the US some are members of AGTA ( American Gem Trade Association). We seek out the best quality and hand pick our crystals and minerals with each supplier.

Most of the time, crystal shops just buy from a large wholesaler, and have no direct connection or understanding of where their crystals come from. We try to keep you informed of the locality of each crystal or mineral you purchase.

There are very few items purchased in the world today, which do not have some sort of environmental impact, unfortunately everything we buy and use in our daily life has some sort of consequence.

We can help by changing our habits to use less plastic, recycle and make informed decisions about what we buy and how we treat the environment.

We hope this helps with making your next crystal purchase.

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