Helping animals and the planet with your purchase

Protect Wildlife: Save One Third of Plant Species

Protect Wildlife and the Planet Through Conscious Shopping

Did you know that one-third of all animal and plant species on the planet could face extinction by 2070? Protecting animals, as well as the oceans, forests, and grasslands they inhabit, is crucial to safeguarding the future for all. Animals play a vital role in maintaining the natural harmony and balance of the Earth. Failing to protect our environment puts all lives at risk - humans, animals, plants, and more.

At Crystal Kismet, we are committed to making a difference. A portion of our sales goes towards supporting animals and the planet. We have supported organizations such as Whiskers Tails and Ferals, Napa, Vets Without Borders, and contributed to helping pets in Ukraine. We regularly change the charities we support. You can help by volunteering your time, adopting instead of shopping, setting up an Amazon Smile account and selecting a charity to support with each purchase.

Make responsible and ethical buying choices. Avoid purchasing products made from endangered animals or their parts to prevent wildlife trafficking. Support products that are created without exploiting people, animals, or the environment. Additionally, make a conscious effort to recycle and dispose of trash properly to protect natural resources. If possible, reuse or recycle items. Consider restoring the environment by planting native trees, revitalizing wetlands, or participating in beach clean-ups in your area.

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