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Gorgeous Earthy Pink Uruguayan Amethyst Stalactite Slice

Gorgeous Earthy Pink Uruguayan Amethyst Stalactite Slice

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Listing is for the 1 Gorgeous Earthy Pink Uruguayan Amethyst Stalactite Slice

You will receive the exact same item that is featured in the photo
Please view photos for an example of the size.

Approximate Weight

9.5cm x 5cm
Location: mined in Uruguay

Calm - Peace - Balance -Creativity - Happiness - Love - Calmness - Healing - Peace - Protection - Purification - Spirituality

Amethyst Stalactite crystal is an extremely powerful and protective balancing crystal. Amethyst Stalactite is a gemstone for creativity, happiness, love, calm, healing, and brings energies of peace. If you desire clarity, psychic visions, or restful sleep, and vivid dreams, one of these amethyst stalactite flowers is the offering for you. The Amethyst Stalactite stone promotes deep feelings of love and personal connection. Amethyst Stalactites a beautiful purple that looks like a flower. Amethyst Stalactite healing properties are also believed to enhance your intuition. These crystals connect with the third eye and crown chakras to relieve conflicts within the mind and provide clarity. The insightfulness that amethyst stalactite benefits can bring you will broaden your outlook on life and confusing situations.

💜Opens and activates the Third eye and Crown Chakras
💜Zodiac signs: Aquarius, Capricorn, Pisces, Virgo
💜Tarot Card: Wheel of fortune, Temperance
💜Planet - Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune
💜Element - Air
💜Color: Deep pink lavender
💜Vibration - Number 3
💜Mohs hardness of 7

Warning for your safety please be careful handling your crystals; some can have jagged, sharp edges and can possibly chip.
Please supervise small children and pets when using your crystals
For More information on Cleansing ,Charging and Caring for your crystals Visit our site http:/ See more on ethical sourcing on our about page.

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