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Sparkly Natural Hematite from Brazil

Sparkly Natural Hematite from Brazil

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Discover the powerful energy and dazzling sparkle of Sparkly Natural Hematite from Brazil. This unique crystal promotes positive vibes and radiates joy wherever it's placed.

  • Chakra: It's said to be particularly connected with the Root Chakra, grounding you and helping you find your balance. 
  • Vibration Number: Tune into the frequency of Hematite and you'll be dancing to the beat of number 9! 
  • Planet: This groovy crystal aligns itself with the energy of Mars, igniting your inner fire and passion. 
  • Zodiac Sign: Aries, baby! This crystal's got the same fiery spirit and drive to conquer anything that comes it's way. 
  • Element: Earthy vibes with Hematite, keeping you grounded and in touch with the world around you. 
  • Tarot Card: The Empress card resonates well with this crystal's energy, nurturing your growth and creativity. 
  • Hardness: Don't underestimate its strength! Hematite scores a solid 5-6 on the Mohs scale. 
  • Chemical Formula: Fe2O3 - It's like chemistry class meets crystal magic! 
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