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Beautiful Rainbow Obsidian crystal heart carving sourced from Mexico # 6

Beautiful Rainbow Obsidian crystal heart carving sourced from Mexico # 6

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Bring beauty and energy to your life with this beautiful Rainbow Obsidian heart, consciously-sourced in Mexico. A powerful stone of nourishment and rejuvenation, it helps to activate your root chakra, while its rainbow sheen is perfect for Libra zodiac signs. Isn't this heart just gorgeous?

The listing is for 1 Beautiful Rainbow Obsidian heart sourced in Mexico # 6
You will receive the crystal in the photos

💜Chakra: Root Charka
💜Zodiac signs: Libra
💜Tarot Card: The Empress card
💜Element: Earth
💜Planet: Earth
💜Color: Black-Red-Orange-Yellow-Blue-Purple-Green-Violet
💜Vibration Number:2
💜Luster: Vitreous to pearly
💜Mohs hardness of 5-6
💜Chemical Formula SiO2

For information on how to cleanse, charge, and care for your crystals, please visit our website at http:/ We want to remind you to handle your crystals with care as some can have jagged, sharp edges and may chip. It's important to keep them away from small children and pets for their safety. Additionally, you can learn more about our ethical sourcing practices by visiting our "About" page. As part of our commitment to being environmentally conscious, we are reducing paper waste by no longer including packing slips, receipts, or crystal information cards. Thank you for your cooperation.

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