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Gorgeous Baby Creedite Mineral Durango, Mexico Creedite Specimen creedite crystal Orange Creedite

Gorgeous Baby Creedite Mineral Durango, Mexico Creedite Specimen creedite crystal Orange Creedite

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Gorgeous Baby Creedite Mineral Durango, Mexico Navidad Mine Creedite Specimen Creedite crystal
One Gorgeous Creedite Cluster From Mexico!
You Will receive the mineral that is shown in the photos.
Size e in CM: 4CM long x 3 CM wide
Weight: 28.4 grams
Creedite is a rare mineral that is formed from the oxidation of Fluorite ore
This is high Museum Quality from old collector's stock

For a brief period until 2009, the Navidad Mine in Durango, Mexico, was a prolific source of exceptional Creedite specimens during a fluorite production and specimen mining project. With the conclusion of this production, acquiring truly exceptional specimens is now even more unlikely, making these Navidad Mine Creedites highly coveted.
Embrace the radiant energy of Orange Creedite, a crystal that resonates with the Crown, Third Eye, Throat, and Etheric Chakras. This captivating gem enhances psychic abilities, intuition, and clarity, opening channels for communication and meditation.
Orange Creedite facilitates gentle self-expression and aligns chakras while grounding higher vibrations. It fosters emotional understanding and wisdom, connecting you with the higher self.
Linked to planets Venus, Jupiter, and Neptune, this crystal brings a harmonious blend of love, expansion, and ethereal insight into your spiritual journey.
In Tarot, Creedite aligns with cards symbolizing spiritual awakening. Creedite taps into ethereal realms, and its elemental association with air brings clarity and inspiration. Unlock the transformative power of Orange Creedite, a beacon of higher consciousness and spiritual alignment.
Hardness 4
Chemical Formula

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