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Raw Shugnite Ethically Sourced Russia EMF protection stone

Raw Shugnite Ethically Sourced Russia EMF protection stone

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⭐Listing is for 1 Raw Shugnite Ethically Sourced Russia EMF protection stone
You will receive the crystal in the photo

Because they are natural stones, they will vary in size and characteristics.
Never been dyed or artificially enhanced.

Please view photos for an example of the sizes .

Approximate size

1 - 1.5 inches

Weight will depend on the piece you choose

💜Location:  Sourced from Russia

💜The Russians call Shungite the “Consoling Stone”

Shungite is a powerful and ancient mineraloid that has been used for centuries. It is technically not a crystal, but that doesn't make it any less powerful! In fact, some people even consider it to be the most powerful of all crystals.

Shungite can be used in several ways. You can try infusing your water with it, or wear it as jewelry. You can even try placing it near any EMF sources, such as cell phones or computers. Although it is not recommended that you keep shungite near these sources for an extended period of time, it is known to help to reduce the harmful effects of EMF on your body.

Shungite also makes a great addition to your home. You can display it in a beautiful dish, or even hang it from the ceiling with some string. It's a great way to add some energy and life to your home, and it can even help to keep away bad spirits.

Shungite is a powerful and unique crystal that can help to improve your health and wellbeing. Whether you want to use it for its healing properties or as a beautiful addition to your home, it's sure to help you feel your best.

💜Opens and activates All Chakras Crown, Third Eye, Throat, Heart, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Root
💜Zodiac signs: Scorpio, Capricorn , Cancer
💜Planet: Saturn
💜Element: Fire, Wind, Storm
💜Color: Black
💜Vibration Number:
💜Luster: Sub-Metallic
💜Mohs hardness of 3.5 - 4.

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